SAP 消息控制

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SAP消息也是这样,你可将所有能忽略的消息ignore .

从是否允许你configure层次分两种: configurable和non-configurable.

对configurable message可选的message type通常有S, I, W, E, A,-

I:信息窗口 W:警告 E:错误 S:成功 A:终止程序或Tcode X:未知.

(online表示即时output message -表示switch off message继续做后面工作 batchi表示做batch input时).

就是说对configurable message SAP允许你设置它是Error, warning或者switch off干脆忽略,通常这些个错误不至于引起致命的系统逻辑错误.



Application area:告诉你消息归属,分类吧.其实就是SE91所说的Message class


T100: SAP default  Message,

T160M :Message Control: Purchasing (System Messages)

T100C: User_defined messaeg mainly for FI

TVGMS: View Control

T100S: Configurable system messages

T100W: For Workflow

T100U: 最后更改消息的user table

T5CBN: PC Operation Conditions





T100s:Configurable system messages顾名思义就是你能设置的消息.

比如OBA5你想设置F5 060消息,这个是FB50在balance<>0你想强行save弹出的,在T100s

中你将看到F5 060不在其中,因为这是将影响财务的致命错误,当然OBA5是不允许你去设置的.

**欺骗SAP使用OBA5强行Switch off F5 060.








      i_arbgb = i_arbgb

      i_dtype = i_dtype

      i_msgnr = i_msgnr


      e_msgty = l_msgts.

  IF l_msgts NE '-'.(如果没switch off)

然后就是提示. 然后去读T100C 用户自定的messge type(Error,warnig, error0决定是否继续work.



FI 部分:

OBA5:FI messge

BD60:Additional data for message type

OFMG:FOr FM Message

O04C:PI: Message Control Purchasing

OFPM:Change Message Control

OMPJ:Reqmts Type Message Control

F00-->***这个是send office message

KD99:setup message

KDNN:Setup messaeg


O04C:For purchase

OKZZ:Invoice Verification/Valuation

OMCQ :可以设置下面四个工作区消息

M7 Inventory Management and Physical Inventory

MIGO Inventory Management: Interface

OM Customizing: Materials Management

12 Production date/shelf life expiration date/batches



OPR4_ACT Multilevel Actual Settlement  

OPR4_CK Material Cost Estimate  

OPR4_CKML Closing and Calc. of Periodic Price  

OPR4_CKPF Price Update  

OPR4_KKA WIP Calculation  

OPR4_KKP Repetitive Mfg and Process Mfg  

OPR4_KKS Collective Processing: Variances  

OPR4_KKS1 Individual Processing: Variances  

OPR4_PPCO Production Order: Cost Calculation  

OPR5 Definition of Error Mgmt IDs (SAP)

OPR1 Area of Responsibility <-> Message  

OPR3 Definition of Breakpoints  

OPR6 Definition of Object IDs (SAP)  

OPR7 Def. of Areas of Responsibility  

OPR8 Def. of Minimum Message Types (SAP)  

OPR9 Def. of Reference Objects (SAP)  

OPRCMFE User-Defined Messages 


OVAH  :SD Define Variable Messages






M/30 Maintain  Types: RFQ  

M/32 Maint.  Determ. Schema: RFQ  

M/34 Maintain  Types: PO  

M/36 Maintain  Determ. Schema: PO  

M/38 Maint.  Types: Outline Agmt.  

M/40 Maint.  Types: Del. Schedule  

M/42 Maintain  Schema: Del. Sched.  

M/48 Maintain Access Sequences: RFQ  

M/50 Maintain Access Sequences: PO  

M/56 s: Create Cond. Table: RFQ  

M/57 s: Change Condition Table  

M/58 s: Display CondTab: RFQ  

M/59 s: Create CondTab: Pur. Order  

M/60 s: Change CondTab: Pur. Order  

M/61 s: Disp. CondTab: Pur. Order  

M/62 s: Create CondTab: Del. Schd.  

M/63 s: Change CondTab: Del. Schd.  

M/64 s: Disp. CondTab: Del. Sched.  

M/65 s: Create CondTab: O. Agmt.  

M/66 s: Change CondTab: O. Agmt.  

M/67 s: Disp. CondTab: Outl. Agmt.  

M/68 Maintain  Schema: Outl. Agmt.  

M/70 s: Create CondTab.: Entry Sh.  

M/71 s: Change CondTab.: Entry Sh.  

M/72 s: Disp. CondTab.: Entry Sh.  

M/73 Maintain Access Sequences: Entry  

M/74 Maintain Access Sequences: Entry  

M/75 Maintain s: Serv. Entry Sheet  

M/76 Display s: Entry  

M/77 Maintain  Schema: Entry Sheet  

M/78 Disp.  Determ. Schema: Entry  

M/N1 Maintain accesses (fr.gds - purch.) 


将消息warning change to display显示.

MSW1  Reset Warnings

MSW2  Reset Warnings

六附录: Message_related tables:(部分)       

T100: All message    

T100A:  IDs for T100     

T100C:  Control by User     

T100O: Assignment of  to object     

T100S: Configurable system s     

T100SA: Application Areas for Configurable s     

T100U: Last person to change s     

T100V: Assignment of s to tables/views     

T100W: Assign s to Workflow     

T100X: Error s: Supplements     

T139A: Exception s: Period Closing Program     

T139B: Exception s: Period Closing Program     

T159F: MMIM: Error s Resulting From Blocked Objects     

T160M:  Control: Purchasing (System s)     

T160MVAL:  category restriction for T160M     

T161M: Fine-Tuned Control:  Types     

T161N:  Determination Schemas: Assignment     

T321K: Definition of Accumulated s to HOST (R/2)     

T323P: Parameters for Generating Logs and Mail s (R/2->R/3)     

T440F: Exception s for the forecast     

T458A: Exception s in Material Requirements Planning     

T458B: Description of exception s     

T458C: Selection Group for Exception s     

T555E: Time Evaluation s     

T5CAR:  for Employee Attribute Combination     

T5CBN: s for PC Operation Conditions     

T5D5D: Supplementary Benefits for Civil Service:  Fields     

T5D5E: Supplemenary Bens. for Civil Service:  Reason Table     

T5E31: Actions and situations for registration s     

T5F6N: Global Error s.     

T5F6NN: Communication of Error s (ADP Interface)    

T5MP1: General s for the PBS Remuneration Statement     

T5QGM: Payroll Highlight s Australia     

T5QGT: s Area Check Table Australia     

T5QSM: Superannuation Highlight s Australia     

T5S0S: s for sickness administration (SE)     

T5V5M: s sent electronically to AA-registeret     

T5V7B: s sent to employees/emplyoers register     

T7NZGM: Payroll Highlight s NZ     

T7NZSM: Superannuation Highlight s NZ     

TA20PPZ:  handling: chosen priority with top priority     

TA20PPZ1:  handling (language-dependent)     

TA22RSF: START: Error s     

TA22RSF1: START: Error s (Language-Dependent)     

TAFWD: CORU: s that are not interpreted as errors     

TBD05: Distribution model for  types     

TBD12: Mapping  type -> serialization and link type     

TBD14:  type -> object type     

TBD17: Dependencies between  types     

TBD33: Dependencies between methods and  types     

TBD40: Assign  Types to Serialization Group     

TBD53: ALE: Object Channel Serialization:  Type of Bus. Obj.     

TBD62: Assignment of change document field to  type     

TBDA2: ALE  active     

TBDME: ALE supplement data for EDI  type     

TBDMS: Assignment of  type to IDoc type     

TBDTPM: Template for  Type     

TBDTPMD: Data Filters for  Types     

TC50: PP-PI: Proc. Categories/ Proc.Instruction Categories     

TC50A: Assignment of  Charact. to Dest.-Spec. Target Fields     

TC50C: Characteristics for Process s / Process Instructions     

TC50D: Process Management:  Destinations     

TC50P:  Characteristics for Dest.-Specific Target Fields     

TC50T: Process /Instr. Categories: Lang.-Dependent Texts     

TC51T:  Destinatiosn: Language-Dependent Texts     

TC53: Characteristics Groups for Process s and Instructions     

TC55: Destination-Specific Target Fields for  Destinations     

TCA10: Task lists: s depending on the task list type     

TCB02: Types of  Destination     

TCB02T: Types of  Destination: Language-Dependent Texts     

TCB10: Predefined Proc.  Categories/Proc. Instr. 


TCB10T: Predefined  Categories: Language-Dependent texts     

TCB11: Assignment of Characteristics to Predefined s     

TCB12T: Predefined  Destinations: Language-Dependent Texts     

TCB13: Target Fields for Predefined  Destinations     

TCB13T: Target Fields for Predef.  Destin.: Lang-Dep. Texts     

TCB14: Predefined Assignments of Destinations to  Categories     

TCB16: Predefined Charact. Groups for  and Instruction Cat.     

TCB18: PP-PI-PMA: System Settings for Process  Processing     

TCMF1: Assignment: Area of Responsibility< ->      

TCMF9: Minimum  Type (SAP)     

TCMFA: User-Defined s     

TCOINF: Displaying Info. in  Monitor / Ctrl Recipe Monitor     

TCPT1: Code pages: Table 1 for tests and s     

TCUSSYSL: Summary table of  types read from the system log     

TCY43: s for flow control     

TCY43T: Texts for s for flow control     

TDSP01: ALE Distribution Packet :  Types to be Controlled     

TEMSG: System s     

TEMSI: Central ID assignment for Express s     

TMAN1: Trigger Condition of  Determination     

TMAN2: Trigger Group of  Determination     

TMAN2T: Trigger Group of  Determination - Description     

TMAN3: Trigger Group of  Determination - Trigger Condition     

TMAN4: Trigger Conditions s - Change-Relevant Tables     

TMAN5: Trigger Conds s; Possible Change-Relevant Fields     

TMAN6: Trigger Conds s: Change-Rel. Tbl per Object+ChangeTyp     

TMAN7: Trigger Conditions -  Applications     

TMSG1: Logical s and Process Codes in Outb. Procg     

TMSG2: Logical s and Process Codes in Inb. Procg     

TMSQAMTREE: TMS: Assigning  to Tree Nodes in the Alert Monitor     

TMSQAMTRET: TMS: Assigning  to Tree Nodes in Alert Monitor- Texts     

TNODE02_AP: Test case attributes: Problem  data     

TOPRK: Log s     

TPT_WLIST_AREA:  Processing: Functional Area     

TPT_WLIST_AREA_T:  Processing: Functional Area Text     

TPT_WLIST_PROC:  Processing: Methods     

TPT_WLIST_PROC_T:  Processing: Processing Method Text     

TRMSG: Syntax Check Error s     

TSL1D: System Log  (Formerly 100S or TSL01)     

TSL1T: System Log:  texts (Formerly T100S, TSL01)     

TSL2D: System Log: Classification ID for s     

TSL2T: System Log:  Class Names     

TVERR: Basis verification: Infos for s to be sent     

TVGMS: View Control: Error s     

TWPDO: Assignment of retail  to PD org. object     

TXMIMSG: Table for Lang.-Depend.  Texts in XMI Log     

TZ38T: Text table for indicator reason for  appendix 8 R5/97     

TZW02: User <-> Determine      

WFMCMSGENQ: Special Handling for System s     

WPXST: POS interface: status external subsystems (error s)     

WRPE: Replenishment: Error s     

WTMIGMESS: s Logged for Withholding Tax Changeover   

WTMIGMESSEXC: Withholding Tax Changeover: Alternative  Types


SAP 消息 SE91
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